Heavy Duty Gauge Fuel Mileage Tuner

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Benefits & Features · 75-100 Additional HP (Specialized tuning for additional power)

· 6-12% Increase in Fuel Economy

· Speed Limiter Adjustments (excluding Paccar MX-13 temporarily)

· Diagnostic Reader

· Driving Coach


· SAE Tested

· Watchdog Monitoring

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Q. Why are ECM tunes set up for Higher HP?

A. Bully Dog HDGT is designed to reprogram the trucks ECM to increase fuel mileage and HP it comes with an Economy tune and a Power/Economy tune. If higher HP is needed or wanted the HDGT can be updated online free of charge.


Q. What if the truck is reprogramed at the dealer?

A. The ECM tune will be lost if the truck is reprogramed, the HDGT has the ability to return to stock and capability of retuning after having the ECM reprogramed.


Q. What happens if I trade trucks?

A. The ECM will have to be left with the original truck, The HDGT can be returned to stock on the original truck and installed on the new truck.

Monitoring Capabilities Include*: 

SpeedRPMBoost, ThrottleLoadBattery, VCoolantIntake, TempOil, TempOil PSITurbo EX TempFuel RateInst EconAvg EconTrip DistTrip FuelBD AuxBD Pyro 1&2Truck Pyro 1&2